Saturday, 3 September 2011 Exposed!

This is something really informative for you. It was my thinking that people who visit this site should see other side of picture as well. It took a lot of my time in research and I think it was required to show real truth to general public.

I tried to present an unbiased judgment based on real facts. I have collected evidence to prove that my suspicious after first visit to this site was right. It had some suspicious information which derived me to dig out more about it.

The basic purpose of site is to present (so called) truth about Muslim community. This is a good site for those who don’t think but let’s see the other side of it.

I started with searching out the base from where it is being operated. For this I had to logon to ( .I found the registered address is

                                        “ 15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160, PMB353 “

The registered address got my attention because I have viewed similar a few days back when one of my friend claimed about a scam associated with this address. I got more suspicious and pasted this address in Google to find out more. The results were really astonishing. All websites registered on this address were scams, fraudulent and porn based – and there were not one or two but in hundreds. Let me paste a few links here or you can Google this address:

· ,25152692

These are just people’s personal experiences but I combined them here to give a complete view. They may remove few of these links but you can contact me to see snapshots of each page.

My objective is to get people know before they get stuck. It is my advice to not trust any site associated with this address. What is doing not a fair stuff? How can we trust a site with a shocking history??? We need not to trust on single person views. They are spreading fake and unbelievable information. My suggestion is to visit 5-10 or more sites to match the info about any topic. Or if you need to know about real Islam then checkout these websites: